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Digital PID Controller를 채택하여 정밀한 온도제어가 가능.
내부 Door가 강화유리로 제작되어 내부관찰이 용이
이중 Packing 채용으로 기밀성이 유지.
강제 순환 방식으로 온도 균일도가 높음.
과열방지장치를 부착하여 기기의 이상과열을 방지
Function- Timer Control/Auto Tuning/Back-up Device/냉동기 ON-Delay Time /Self Testing/Safety Device
Models HB-101S HB-101M HB-101L
Dimension(IN) 450x450x450(H)mm 480x450x700(H)mm 500x500x1000(H)mm
(OUT) 560x580x720(H)mm 600x600x970(H)mm 660x760x1300(H)mm
Capacity 91 Liter/45Kg 151 Liter/65Kg 250 Liter/94Kg
Shelves 2 EA 3 EA 4 EA
Circulation Fan None 1 EA 2 EA
Circulation Fan 12W×2EA 20W×2EA) 20W×3EA
Temp. control Digital P. I. D Controller (Auto Tuning)
Temp. Range Ambient +5'C to 70'C
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1'C at 37'C
Temp. Sensor PT-100Ω / 0.15 Grade
Timer Digital Timer 99hr 59min. or Infinity
Material(IN) Stainless Steel (SUS304) Polishing Plate
(OUT) SCP-1 With Powder Coating
Door Double Door, Tempered Safety Glass Inner Door
Packing (IN/OUT) Silicon Rubber / Magnetic Packing
Safety Device Hydraulic Temperature Controller
Power (AC220V,60HZ) 200W 300W 400W
※ Optional Accessories
10 Step Program Control (LCD Display)
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